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March - 2017

Wed 1/3-17 - Sun 5/3-17
TanGO TO Istanbul, a comprehensive and international festival of tango music and dance, is the premier event of IstanbulTANGO.

The festival is a 5 day rendezvous in Istanbul, where tango dancers from throughout the world will meet to share their knowledge and experience, dance with joy and make... >>>

Mon 6/3-17 - Fri 10/3-17
Tango Karma Retreat
Koh Samui, Thailand

A small exclusive group of 25 participants will enjoy the fantastic Maestros Celeste Medina and Andrés Sautel... >>>

Wed 8/3-17 - Sun 12/3-17
International Argentine Tango Festival 8 - 12 March 2017.
Colorful Paint Tango in the mot beautiful city of Russia

6 famous pairs of tango.
- Fabian Peralta (World Shampion) & Josefina Bermudez Avila (Argentina) - tango salon
- Gaston Torelli & Mariana Dragone (Argentina) - tango nuevo
-... >>>

Thu 9/3-17, Sun 12/3-17
This is the second edition of our Tango Gran Festivalito in the beautiful city of Graz/Austria and each time attracts more national and international dancers. Participants love the friendly atmosphere, the high quality workshops in air-conditioned rooms with wooden floors and the wonderful Milongas with superb music!

Thu 9/3-17 - Sun 12/3-17
Where Malaysian Hospitality meets the Passion of Buenos Aires.
The 10th Kuala Lumpur Tango Festival 2017, promises to deliver Malaysian Hospitality, top class instructors Bruno Tombari & Rocio Lequio and Michael Nadtochi & Eleonora Kalganova, and tango fun, fun all the way!

Thu 16/3-17 - Mon 20/3-17
El Abrazo de Riga * La Primavera 2017 * Festivalito de Tango
Welcome to Riga in March!
Exciting early spring tango festivalito featuring the stunning Noelia & Carlitos!
Milongas days and nights Thursday, March 16 to Monday, March 20. Best dancefloors, excellent DJs, warm embraces!
Save the dates - March 16-20, 2017 to come to dance in Riga, Latvia.
* Check back for more information soon! See our FB event for more information:

Thu 16/3-17 - Sun 19/3-17
Spring tango festival in northern Sweden: 3 evening milongas, 2 day milongas, 10 workshops, 15 private lessons, shows, tango opera, and an Argentine buffé.

Fri 17/3-17 - Sun 19/3-17
17,18,19 MARCH 2017
Pablo Fernandez & Ludmila Snrkova, Claudio Cardona & Vito Muñoz, Thierry & Denise Guardiola

Fri 17/3-17 - Sun 19/3-17
Marathon-Style Festivalito. 4 advanced worksops, 1 guest couple and show. Marathon milonga pass €45.

Sat 18/3-17 - Fri 31/3-17
VIETNAM! Your next TANGO holiday destination
How would you like meander round the thousands of rocks formation in the Halong Bay and tango the night away on the deck of this boat?
Or float the lanterns down the beautiful Perfume river of Hue?
Chill out by the beach in between trips to the exuberant accent town of Hoi An ... Dance the nights... >>>

Fri 24/3-17 - Sun 26/3-17
Dear tango friends! We invite you to Kharkov, Ukraine!
Milongato Tango Festival will take place on March 24 - 26, 2017, in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Only best DJs, warmest hugs and comfortable venues! Boost your Tango Spring!

The concert of Pasional Orquesta on March 24th on the minor stage of The N.V. Lysenko Kharkov State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet is definitely a must-attend event at MilonGato 2017!

MilonGato isn't just a chance to... >>>

Fri 24/3-17 - Sun 26/3-17
United States
If you have ever attended a tango festival, you know the answer. We attend festivals because we must. We must feel the passion that only a gathering of people joined for one reason—TANGO—creates. We attend because every video we watch on YouTube, every milonga performance we see inspires in us the same desire—to study with masters, to move as they do, effortlessly, as if skating on the dance floors so many nights we call home.

The ASTF is your festival, whether you are a tango beginner who wants to learn fundamentals with master teachers, a seasoned tanguero who... >>>

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