MilonGato Tango Weekend, March, 24-26, 2017

Dear tango friends! We invite you to Kharkov, Ukraine!
Milongato Tango Festival will take place on March 24 - 26, 2017, in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Only best DJs, warmest hugs and comfortable venues! Boost your Tango Spring!

The concert of Pasional Orquesta on March 24th on the minor stage of The N.V. Lysenko Kharkov State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet is definitely a must-attend event at MilonGato 2017!

MilonGato isn't just a chance to meet wonderful people and enjoy your time at milongas; it's also a possibility to discover Kharkiv. Our city, with its unique spirit and history, is definitely the one to see. So, some sightseeing is definitely recommended )

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