BUENOS AIRES Tango Holidays

Buenos Aires...

Mix together a fantastic European heritage, wine and steak elevated to art, fantastic shopping, a frenzied nightlife, and you get Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan capital which looks somehow strangely familiar, but is unlike any other place on earth. If you already dance tango, chances are, you will associate the city with dramatic pictures of tango competitions, intimate nights out at local milongas, and much more.

To help you experience everything Buenos Aires can offer, we have packed a lot of activities in our 13-day August trip: tango tuition (lots), milongas (the best), time to wander around, a meal at a pena restaurant and even a day trip out of Bs As!

DATES Aug. 11-213, 2018
DETAILS, COSTS & SCHEDULE: http://tanguito.co.uk/travels/en/

Please note: BOOKINGS 2018 ARE NOW OPEN.
Our trip is appropriate to all levels of dancing, from beginners to advanced. We will adapt to each individual tango experience.
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