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United Kingdom
Weekend tango festival. International teachers. 5 milongas in beautiful Brighton.


United Kingdom
Save the date for our 10th Anniversary!

Programme to be published in December 2016.


June - 2017

Thu 1/6-17 - Sun 4/6-17
6th International Edition
1-4 June 2016 (Italy) >>>

Thu 1/6-17 - Mon 5/6-17
Syros Tango Festival 1-5 June 2017
Welcome to Syros Tango Festival
1 - 5 of June 2017


Thu 1/6-17, Sun 4/6-17
This year, Antwerpen Tango Festival gets even better!!

The festival allows you to study with the best references of pure tango worldwide
Take the... >>>

Thu 1/6-17 - Sun 4/6-17
United States
Join us in Philadelphia for four transcendent days & nights of tango: June 1-4!

Now in its seventh year, this year's festival will take place at a new and very exciting location: The German Society of Pennsylvania. We will be able to use the entirety of this gorgeous & huge historic building throughout the festival.

The teaching... >>>

Fri 2/6-17 - Sun 4/6-17
Tango Project Freiburg invites you to *FESTIVALITO in my arms* 2017.

We are happy to share a lot of dancing, chatting and 7 Workshops with Majo Martirena & Rodrigo Fonti with... >>>

Fri 2/6-17 - Mon 5/6-17
Über Pfingsten: 11. Bonner Tangofestival… 4 Tage und Nächte Tango, Tango, Tango....2.-5. Juni 2017:
17 Workshops und 2 Showauftritte mit:
Walter Suquia & Ayelen... >>>

Fri 2/6-17 - Mon 5/6-17
Thanks to Tours Tango, Maria Filali & Gianpiero Galdi, Mariela Sametband &
Guillermo Barrionuevo will welcome you to Tours, in the heart of the Loire Valley.
During our festival, you will be showered with... >>>

Wed 7/6-17 - Sun 11/6-17
15th Edition of Lisbon´s International Tango Festival
7 – 11 June 2017.

5 days of pure pleasure...
More than 50 Hours of dancing

5 Amazing Milongas... >>>

Thu 8/6-17, Sun 11/6-17
June 8-11, 2017

Fri 9/6-17 - Sun 11/6-17
IMPRUNETA 2.0 - The Event 2017
Appointment with Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne

For the first time in Florence

Fri 9/6-17 - Sun 11/6-17
We invite you for 3 days with Argentine tango on Tango Milonga Festivalito to Bielsko-Biała (Poland). We are offering from 9th to 11th of June a meeting with a very friendly Bielsko-Silesian tange environment seasoned with... >>>

Fri 9/6-17 - Sun 11/6-17
Sile Tango Marathon is an international Tango event organised on the second weekend of June every year.
It is about participating in a three day condensed experience of tango, together with the sea, the sand, the sun, DJs picking lovely... >>>

Mon 12/6-17 - Fri 16/6-17
Have you ever danced tango in the midnight sun?
Try in Finland's White Nights!
One Capital of tango in Europe and in the list of "Best in Travel 2017" for Lonely Planet!
A mix of high quality lessons, Nature&Relax, different Tango styles, good resturants and local milongas.

From 12 to 16 of June leave your stressful life and enter in the wild and wonderful nature of... >>>

Wed 14/6-17 - Sun 18/6-17
The preparation of the second TODOS TANGO FESTIVAL begun right after the encore of the first one ! The love and enthusiasm we gathered from all our guests and all participants, filled us with strength and a strong appetite, as at the same time it entrusted us to continue better, bigger and stronger ! Here we are, renewing our date and announcing
TODOS TANGO FESTIVAL CORFU 2017, 14 to 20 of June under the auspices of the Municipality of Corfu and the Argentinian embassy.
This year, it is our honour to welcome for the second time in our festival, the great Miguel Angel Zotto with Daiana Guspero, for the first time the extraordinaire maestros Sebastian Missé y Andrea Reyero and a big surprise... the fusion of a greek and an Argentinean dancer, Kostas Nikolaidis meeting the great Stella Missé ! All three couples will perform seminars enriched with women’s techniques and of course, will offer exceptional, unmissable exhibitions at the Gala Milongas. However, we can’t reveal... >>>

Thu 15/6-17 - Sun 18/6-17
welcome to the best tango event in Epirus ( Greece)!!! Four days of tango vacations at one of the best sea and archeological places of the Ionian coast. A mix of sea, sun and tango a go go , with four milongas nights and shows until the dawn in the best locations of the town,... >>>

Fri 16/6-17 - Sun 18/6-17
United Kingdom
Our 2017 Learning Tango Summer Festival feature the return of our special guest teachers Jenny and Ricardo Oria! The festival includes:

- Lots of fabulous workshops
- 3 milongas with guest DJs
- The Learning Tango Summer Ball.
- A Tango... >>>

Fri 16/6-17 - Sun 18/6-17
The whole FestivaliTo – seminar, workshops and milongas – will take place in Arca, Via Ottavio Assarotti 6.

Fri 16/6-17, Fri 7/7-17, Fri 4/8-17, Fri's 18/8-17 - 26/8-17, Fri 1/9-17 - Sat 2/9-17
Se celebra el Ciclo Internacional de Tango "Desde Dos Orillas" organizado y dirigido por la cantante argentina Analía Bueti en la ciudad de Valencia (España) en su primera edición 2017 de mayo a septiembre.
Un encuentro entre grandes y consagrados artistas (cantantes, músicos, bailarines, pintores, escritores) todo ello desde una ciudad que cada vez tiene mayor cultura de tango.
Con una excelente organización, con una preparación minuciosa y cuidadosa se celebrará en un escenario principal y otros tantos escenarios secundarios para llevar a cabo el... >>>

Fri 16/6-17 - Sun 18/6-17

Tango Feast Summer, will be at Victoria Hotel, a 3 star hotel, with 3 great ballrooms, where all the milongas and workshops will take place.

Bookings are open and we have Marcelo and Selva back with us again this year.

Tango Feast is a unique event, everything... >>>

Fri 16/6-17 - Sun 18/6-17

Tango Feast Summer, will be at Victoria Hotel, a 3 star hotel, with 3 great ballrooms, where all the milongas and workshops will take place.

Bookings are open and we have Marcelo and Selva back with us again this year.

Tango Feast is a unique event, everything... >>>

Wed 21/6-17, Tue 27/6-17
United States
A five day tango tour of the milongas of Manhattan. Dancing every night at a different venue, and two afternoons, plus morning practicas, absorbing the rich variety of tango to be found in New York City.


Wed 21/6-17 - Sun 25/6-17
5 days full of tango in a small Catalan town (90km from Barcelona)
*Tango Workshops
*Workshop of Conscious Touch
*Practices and private lessons
*Milongas each day
*Live music: La... >>>

Fri 23/6-17 - Sun 25/6-17
United Kingdom
Cheltenham International Tango Festival
In the heart of Cotswolds in England we will be hosting our 3rd Cheltenham International Tango festival.
For more details please check

Fri 23/6-17 - Sun 25/6-17
Best summer experience in Chalkidiki – Greece

Semeon Kukormin... >>>

Fri 23/6-17 - Sun 25/6-17
from 23 to 25 June 2017
For this stay is in the paradisiacal island of Porquerolles, we propose 3 days from Friday 23th to Sunday, 25th June with 2 nights full board with accommodation in a double room + boat trip + 3 tango classes + 2 trainings + 2 evenings milongas + Tango Show Denise and Thierry Guardiola

Tue 27/6-17, Sun 2/7-17
2° Catania Summer Tango Week
MARIANO... >>>

Wed 28/6-17 - Sun 2/7-17
You are more than welcomed to join us if you like;

Milongas lasts till morning with... >>>

Thu 29/6-17 - Sun 2/7-17
Talleres - Milongas - Espectáculos - Exposición Pintura Tango -Desfíle de ropa tango.

Workshops - Milongas - Shows - Exhibition of Tango Paintings - Parade of tango clothes.

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