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March - 2018

Sat 31/3-18 - Mon 2/4-18
Join us for wonderful dancing in MUNICH
Registration starts 30 October 2017

Sat 31/3-18 - Mon 2/4-18
Spring Edition
From March 31st to April 2nd 2018

For this stay is in the paradisiacal island of Porquerolles, we propose 3 days from Saturday 31st March to Monday 2nd April with 2 nights full board with accommodation in a double room + boat trip + 4 tango, milonga and vals lessons + 2 tango practices + 2 evenings milongas + Tango Show Denise and Thierry Guardiola

Thu 29/3-18 - Mon 2/4-18
The next edition of Trasnochando, which will take place from Thursday 29 March till Monday 2 April 2018. The excitement of uniting dancing guests, maestros, djs, designers, from around the globe together around a common love for argentine tango, is sure to be a source of great inspiration to all of us!

Our vision is to resurrect the excitement of the Golden Age of tango. This period, where tango music, dancing and social customs reached their common peak, entraps both of us in total fascination. Sharing this excitement with so many tango lovers during the 5 days and nights of Trasnochando, is our driving passion.

Highlights of this edition include a... >>>


April - 2018

Thu 5/4-18 - Sun 8/4-18
Maestros: Neri Piliu & Yanina Quinones, Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragon, Utku Kuley & İris Dogdu, Ilgın Tetikcan & Murat Elmadağlı
Every day lessons with maestros Neri & Yanina and Jonathan & Clarisa


December - 2017

Sun's 3/12-17 - 17/12-17, Sun's 7/1-18 - 25/3-18, Sun's 8/4-18 - 23/12-18, Sun's 6/1-19 - 24/2-19
Milonga SUR, every Sunday with very few exceptions - The best place for Tango dancing in Munich.
- Best dance floor
- Friendly people, locals, regional and international visitors
- Great atmosphere
- Free parking
- Nice bar area
- Open pre-milonga class, all levels

From time to... >>>


April - 2018

Thu 12/4-18 - Sun 15/4-18
One big festival for all level of tangueros,with musicians, excelent DJs , Teachers from Argentina, and a warm ambience where you can enjoy fTANGO AND FRIENDSHIP

Wed 18/4-18 - Sun 22/4-18
Great maestros, 5 days and 5 nights: milongas, workshops, other activities.
PORTO - APRIL - 2018
Ruben Veliz / Sabrina Veliz
Virginia Pandolfi / Jonathan Aguero
Jonathan Saavedra / Clarisa Aragón
Fernando Jorge / Alexandra Baldaque

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