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May - 2018

Wed 30/5-18 - Sun 3/6-18
16th Edition - An ALL SENSES Southern experience waiting for you.

One of the most beautiful cities in the world holding one of the finest festivals with an absolutely amazing atmosphere.

Experience the excellent food, the fantastic wines, the city festivities, the Southern hospitality in warm... >>>

Thu 31/5-18 - Sun 3/6-18
Dear Tango friends! 2018 will bring to Valencia the most expected tango festival to all of us!
A festival where all the associations that spread and practice this passion, the Argentine Tango, will get together in an embrace of tango and friendship and for which we invite you all, who feel the same about tango as we do, to join us to participate.
1000 m2 wooden dance floor will be available for you, where you can dance "your shoes off"!
Four days of sharing, meeting, seasoned with good food and drinks and visits to the beautiful... >>>

Thu 31/5-18 - Sun 3/6-18
Welcome to this 1st edition of the Tenerife Tango Meeting !
4 days of tango in a wonderful island : 4 night milongas, 2 afternoon milongas, classes and shows by the greatest maestros, great DJs, wonderful venues ... Don't miss it !

All information :
¡Bienvenido a esta 1ª edición del Tenerife Tango Meeting!
4 días de... >>>

Sun's 27/5-18 - 3/6-18
In one of the most bay of Mediterranean sea, Portoferraio Bay in Elba island.
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January - 2018

Sun's 21/1-18 - 25/3-18, Sun's 8/4-18 - 23/12-18, Sun's 6/1-19 - 24/2-19
Milonga SUR, every Sunday with very few exceptions - The best place for Tango dancing in Munich.
- Best dance floor
- Friendly people, locals, regional and international visitors
- Great atmosphere
- Free parking
- Nice bar area
- Open pre-milonga class, all levels

From time to... >>>


June - 2018

Thu 14/6-18 - Sun 17/6-18
United States
2018 New Orleans Tango Festival
This is your chance to tango in a city where you can have just as much fun off the dance floor as you will on it! The New Orleans Tango Festival will return for its 5th year - June 14th-17th, once more at the Astor Crowne Plaza. New Orleans will celebrate its 300th birthday, so the city will be... >>>

Wed 20/6-18 - Sun 24/6-18
5 days full of tango in a small Catalan town (90km from Barcelona)
*Tango Workshops
*Workshop of Conscious Touch
*Practices and private lessons
*Milongas each day
*Live music: La... >>>

Fri 29/6-18 - Sun 1/7-18
United Kingdom
Cheltenham International Tango Festival
4th Cheltenham Tango Festival in the heart of Cotswolds.
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July - 2018

Sun's 1/7-18 - 8/7-18
Tango Paradise
7 days of tango in one of most beautiful bay in the Mediterranean sea, Portoferraio bay, in Elba island
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