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December - 2017

Fri 1/12-17 - Sun 3/12-17
Alicante es una ciudad mágica por su clima mediterráneo cálido todo el año y su buena gente, ideal para disfrutar 3 días del tango y el mar.
Tendremos 3 Milongas en el Hotel Maya*** con Baile de Salón. Maestros, Talleres, Exhibiciones y Orquesta en directo.
Iremos informando.
Organiza La Magia del Baile, Oscar Del Vecchio y Nuria LLaona
DJ: Julio Tijero (Madrid) tango/ Oscar Del Vecchio (Tango y Ball Room)


October - 2017

Sun's 1/10-17 - 5/11-17, Sun's 3/12-17 - 17/12-17, Sun's 7/1-18 - 25/3-18, Sun's 8/4-18 - 23/12-18, Sun's 6/1-19 - 24/2-19
Milonga SUR, every Sunday with very few exceptions - The best place for Tango dancing in Munich.
- Best dance floor
- Friendly people, locals, regional and international visitors
- Great atmosphere
- Free parking
- Nice bar area
- Open pre-milonga class, all levels

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December - 2017

Wed 27/12-17, Mon 1/1-18
Sultans Tango Marathon & Festival: Oriental Inspirations
For the 4.rd time, we will have Sultanic Moments, in magnifiecient Istanbul with hundreds of Tango lovers coming from all over the word. This beautiful gathering will take place in the magical time just after Christmas and during New Years Eve.

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Thu 28/12-17 - Sun 31/12-17
28.12. Warm-up milonga (FREE for MilongaPass holders)

28. & 29.12. Classes with Melina Sedó & Detlef Engel – Click here for Workshop Program

29.12.-31.12. Munich New Year’s Tango Weekend 2017/2018
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