Italy, with its rich cultural heritage and mesmerizing locales, has become a prominent destination for Tango festivals and vacations. From Milan to Rome, Tango enthusiasts gather to dance in picturesque settings, with cobblestone streets and historic landmarks as backdrops. Italian Tango festivals often feature internationally recognized maestros, presenting the perfect opportunity for learning and honing one's Tango skills. Additionally, visitors can unwind amidst Italy's legendary food and wine scene, making it an enchanting vacation spot. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a beginner, the Italian Tango experience encapsulates the passionate dance form while seamlessly merging it with la dolce vita.

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Encuentro Milonguero en Calabria

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Gioia Mia – Trasimeno Spring Encuentro 2024

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Tango Angels Marathon 2024

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I Pupi Catania Tango Marathon 2024

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Rome New Year’s Eve Tango Marathon 2023