10 Festivals in European Capitals

Berlin, Paris, Rome: Some of the famous Tango events with the longest trajectories are Festivals in European Capitals. Are they worth it? Or is it just an overcrowded hassle? Let´s find out!

Tango Festivals in European Capitals: Join the crowds

Tango Festivals can be intense experiences, for some dancers, the immersion is so complete that they don´t mind which country or city they visit, because all they do is dance and sleep, without ever stepping out of the dance venue.

If you plan to visit some of the big European Capitals for Tango Festivals and enjoy not only the festival but also go out a bit and get to enjoy the surroundings, be sure to plan to get the logistics right. Let´s go through the options and find the best ones for you.

Crowds in Tango Festivals in European Capitals
Crowds at Tango Festivals in European Capitals

Cities like Paris and Berlin and later also Rome were important in the revival of the Tango dancing scenes in the world. These cities have one of the most vibrant tango scenes you can find anywhere, with thousands of dancers spread across well-established Milongas across the respective cities.

Visiting a Tango Festival in these cities can be one possibility to get to know the local tango scenes, though at some festivals you may find that there are actually few local dancers and more visitors from neighboring cities or international visitors.

Also, in these large cities, you will be one of thousands of dancers visiting every year. This offers less of a boutique and personal experience than what you find in some of the smaller places in the European province or in Eastern Europe.

Also, be prepared for higher costs of accommodation and plan more time to move around the city. Eastern European festivals might be more budget-friendly and less overwhelming.

Some famous Tango Festivals in European Capitals

Below is a list of notable tango festivals in some of the largest European cities:

  1. Berlin, Germany – El Contrapunto: Taking place in Spring 2024, El Contrapunto is a marathon for queer and open role dancers with different levels of experience and various styles of dancing.
  2. Paris, France – Otra Luna 5: Otra Luna 5 will happen in the center of Paris, involving dancers from all over the world.
  3. Madrid, Spain – Tango Holiday Spain: Happening in the middle of April 2024, join Mirella & Carlos Santos David and Lorena de Miranda Serra & Jory Raimo from Alma de Tango in an 8-day holiday tango.
  4. Rome, Italy – La Latina Tango Marathon: La Latina Tango Marathon is a dancing event in Rome that happens only once a year.
  5. Zurich, Switzerland – La Lozan Winter Tango Festival: A weekend tango party happening in the middle of the winter season in 2024, featuring DJs from different cities in Europe.
  6. Warsaw, Poland – Warsaw Queer Tango Meeting: Happening in the last day of August 2024, Warsaw Queer Tango Meeting is a 2-day event full of food and tango.
  7. Budapest, Hungary – Tango Temptation Spring Budapest Festival: Happening this Spring 2024, Tango Temptation is the latest project of Zsolt Szénási, the organizer and host of Budapest’s most elegant milonga, the Teatrum Milonga.
  8. London, UK – London Tango Week: Happening in June, the London Tango Week is a 9-day event involving a tango marathon, Milonga’s circuit, and a Tango competition involving dancers from all over Europe.
  9. Lisbon, Portugal – Lisbon International Tango Festival: Occurring around late spring, the Lisbon Tango Festival encourages Tango enthusiasts from different countries to enjoy tango with a Portuguese touch.
  10. Vienna, Austria – Vienna Calling Tango Marathon: Vienna Calling Tango Marathon is a weekend full of tango dancing that happens in the center of Vienna during Spring.

Please note that the dates and schedules of these festivals may change, and it’s crucial to check the respective festival websites or contact the organizers for the most accurate and current information.

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