Tango Festivals in Italy

Tango Couple Dancing in Rome, Italy

Thinking of visiting Tango festivals in Italy? The options are overwhelming. Italy has a strong national Tango scene and a deep emotional connection to Tango because of the big migration of Italians to Argentina and Uruguay and their contributions to Tango. In addition to the Tango family ties, Italy is also a popular tourism destination … Read more

Tango Festivals in Eastern Europe

Discover Tango Festivals in Eastern Europe When Tango reemerged as a social dance outside of Argentina and Uruguay in the 1980s and 1990s, it quickly became a phenomenon in large Western cities like Berlin and Paris. Over time, it spread to places with ties to Argentine and Italian immigration, such as Rome and New York, … Read more

10 Festivals in European Capitals

Berlin, Paris, Rome: Some of the famous Tango events with the longest trajectories are Festivals in European Capitals. Are they worth it? Or is it just an overcrowded hassle? Let´s find out! Tango Festivals in European Capitals: Join the crowds Tango Festivals can be intense experiences, for some dancers, the immersion is so complete that … Read more

Festival, Vacation or Marathon – You decide!

Tango Festival or Tango - You decide

Festivals, Festivalitos or Fests? Vacations or Holidays? Encuentros, Tango Weeks, Tango Meets, Workshops, Seminars, Tango Retreats, Tango Experiences… Are you getting confused about all these tango event labels? First, it´s good to understand the main categories: Tango Festival or Marathon – and then we deal with vacation, the hybrids, crossovers, and fusions. Tango Festival or … Read more

Top Tango Festivals in the United States

The United States may be thousands of miles away from the birthplace of Tango, but that doesn’t stop it from hosting some of the greatest Tango festivals globally. Packed with workshops, performances, milongas, and special balls, the Top Tango Festivals in the United States are right at your doorstep. What are the top tango festivals … Read more

Tango Festivals in Argentina – Ready for the Real Thing?

Although Argentina is (along with Uruguay) the birthplace of Tango, it is not the typical location for Tango Festivals. Maybe it is because, for Tango tourists, Buenos Aires is like a continuous 365-day Tango festival all along. Let´s explore together the festival options in Argentina. Why there are (almost) no Tango Festivals in Argentina Anywhere … Read more