Pack your bags and visit the next Tango Festival

Packing Panic when you think of the upcoming Tango Festival? We´ll guide you through the stuff you can leave a home and the items you absolutely want to have with you, your personal packing list.

Do you really need that much?

Tango Festivals can be an intense experience. Many veteran dancers describe their first festival experiences as stepping into an airtight bubble: From the start to the end, all you do is dance, without interacting much with the outside world.

Therefore, the biggest nightmare for dancers preparing for a festival is forgetting to pack an essential dance item at home and then losing precious festival time by chasing these items in shops in an unknown city.

But don´t get too stressed about the packing list. Even if you forget something, chances are you’ll find a solution on the spot. Let´s walk together through your perfect festival packing and preparation.

Bring your favorite dance shoes

Obviously, the most essential item on your packing list is your dancing shoes. First, make sure you bring the dance shoes you usually use at classes and at Milongas.

In addition, bring a couple of spare pairs, e.g., if you have dance training sneakers or another old pair of dancing shoes. While a big festival ball is a great place to show off your fanciest high heels, it´s good to have a backup option for when the feet get sore later at night. Don´t rely on brand-new shoes, your feet will thank you.

Think of combinations and maintenance

When you pack your clothes, have some comfortable and breathable clothing for dancing. Also, think about washing your clothes. Can you bring enough fresh clothes to change during the festival?

Or do you plan to wash some of the clothes? Some clothes are better for hand washing, others require a laundry machine or dry cleaning. If you count on wearing clothes a second time after washing, think about ironing: Can you pack some clothes, that can just air-dry and don´t need ironing, or does your accommodation provide laundry service or ironing options?

Pro-Tip: Bring clothes that you can combine easily to prepare for different events and weather conditions.

Accessories and Personal Items

  • Bring a backpack or a dance bag for all your stuff. Especially if your accommodation is not right next to the dance venue, you want to have a daypack for a long festival day (and night). If this is the only bag you bring make sure it´s also suited for a small hiking trip or excursion if you manage to get some time off from festival activities.
  • Water bottle and snacks: Each festival is organized differently, some insist that you all buy drinks and food on-site, while others have a free buffet, and always have free drinking water available. To be on the safe side, always bring a large, refillable water bottle. You might also bring along some healthy snacks like nuts, energy bars, or fruit. These will keep your energy levels up during long dance sessions and you do not depend on the food offerings of the dance venue.
  • Hygiene and Grooming: Dancing in a close embrace is an intimate encounter. Make sure your personal hygiene resonates with the expectations of your dance partners. If you feel and smell fresh and clean, you will have the most satisfying dance experience. Always pack and apply deodorant, bring discardable wipes and a small cotton towel, and always have some breath mints in your dance bag. This ensures you remain fresh, confident, and approachable throughout the festival.

All the other stuff on your packing list

Attending a Tango Dance Festival is an exciting experience, and having the right items with you can make it even more enjoyable. Here’s the rest of the packing list to ensure you’re well-prepared:

  • Shoe Accessories: Heel protectors, insoles, and brush for suede soles.
  • Small Towel: For comfort during intense dancing sessions.
  • Toiletries: Basic hygiene products, Hair Care Products, including hairpins, bands, and styling tools.
  • First Aid Kit: Plasters, pain relievers, and any personal medications.
  • Water Bottle: Stay hydrated.
  • Notebook and Pen: For workshop notes or contact information exchange.
  • Camera or Smartphone: To capture memories.
  • Travel Adapter/Charger: If traveling internationally.
  • Local Currency: For small expenses, in case digital payments are not accepted.
  • Fan or Handheld Electric Fan: Useful in crowded or warm dance environments.
  • Sewing Kit: For emergency repairs of dancewear.


So, when you head for your next Festival make sure you have everything to make you feel safe and your experience enjoyable and memorable. Plan and prepare your packing list in advance, so you can focus on the dance, making the most of every step, spin, and beat at the festival.

Just remember, the key is to be prepared but not overburdened. Happy dancing!

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