Tango Festivals in Italy

Thinking of visiting Tango festivals in Italy? The options are overwhelming. Italy has a strong national Tango scene and a deep emotional connection to Tango because of the big migration of Italians to Argentina and Uruguay and their contributions to Tango.

In addition to the Tango family ties, Italy is also a popular tourism destination for Europeans and Americans, making the Tango Festivals interesting meeting points throughout the year. We give you the best options by region and by season.

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The best Italian Regions for Tango Festivals (From North to South)

Northern Italy

From the industrial megacities Milan and Turin to Romeo & Juliet´s cosy Verona: Northern Italy has a lot to offer and vibrant Tango Scenes.

  • Turin is one of the European capitals of Argentine tango. There are several schools and teachers in Turin that teach Argentine tango techniques, Milonga, and Vals. In January, Seminario Chicho e Juana A Torino will showcase a great performance by Juana Sepulveda and Mariano “CHICHO” Frumboli, one of the powerhouses behind experimental tango nuevo dance styles.
  • March is the start of the spring season in Torino. Days start to get longer and temperatures increase a bit. In March, Eroica Tango Marathon will go into its 6th edition and will take place in a marvelous 450 square meters wooden floor ballroom in the heart of Turin.
  • Also in March, TangoEuphoria festival will take place in Verona. Tangoeuphoria Festival aims to show tango enthusiasts a different tango adventure with the best of the world’s artists. Verona is a charming small town, famous as the setting of the love story Romeo and Juliet. 

Central Italy

Central Italy covers areas as diverse as Tuscany, Florence, and Rome, making for great urban and rural Tango experiences.

  • Toscana: La Tosca Marathon which is happening in March in a picturesque villa in the Tuscany countryside, is one of the first marathons born in the European Tango scene. Its goal is to create a friendly, inclusive, welcoming atmosphere and a clear ronda on the dancefloor. Since 2016, the La Tosca Marathon has taken place in Villa Castelletti. The venue shows a perfect fusion between the traditional Tuscan farmhouse and the elegance of a charming hotel.
  • Rome: A dancing event that will take place in the middle of summer heat in Rome is the La Latina Tango Marathon.

Southern Italy 

For a energetic and lively urban Tango experience, Naples is the place. Sicily: The island offers Tango with a Mediterranean twist, combining dance with stunning landscapes.

  • Archeotango II is designed for those who love closed embraces and good milonguero tango. Like in 2023, the event will also take place in Pompeii, in the Campania region, next to the ruins of the ancient city destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE. The second edition of Archeotango will take place in HABITA79, which is one of the most beautiful and prestigious hotels on the Sorrento Peninsula
  • Cosenza is a city in Calabria. offering beautiful surrounding landscapes but also gastronomic delicacies . Brutia Tango Marathon, now in its 4th edition, will take place in a 4-star hotel equipped with a beauty and fitness spa and indoor heated swimming pool. A maximum of 200 registered participants of Brutia Tango Marathon will enjoy days of full hugs, the presence of international TDJs, and a buffet of Calabrian products. 

Tango Festivals for all seasons

Spring (March-May)

A good time for an escape to Italy as the weather gets warmer and the days longer

  1. Bergamo Festango: A festival at the start of the spring season in March is the Bergamo Festango in Bergamo. Bergamo is a small town situated in Lombardy, offering a scenic view with historic villages, churches, funicular railways, and stairways. Bergamo Festango, now in its fifth edition, showcases the music of Hyperion Orchestra Ensemble, a Romanian chamber music ensemble based in Bucharest. 
  2. Naples 300 Friends Tango Marathon:  A marathon highlight to escape winter cold is in Naples. In April, Naples is already much warmer than Northern Europe. Naples can hit as high as 18°C. During this month, the city is bright and sunny, becoming the perfect time for outdoor celebrations. After the success of its 2023 event, the Naples 300 Friends Tango marathon is back with 300 dancers from different places and 7 international DJs. 

Summer (June-August) 

Ideal for those who like outdoor events, though it can get quite warm.

  • Favignana in Tango is a festival happening in early summer of 2024 in Favignana, Sicily, Italy. Favignana in Tango will happen in a hotel that is situated directly on the South -Western Coast of Faviganana Island. The town of Favignana is famous for its tuna fisheries. 

Autumn (September-November)

Cooler weather and beautiful autumn colors make this a great time for festivals.

  • Rome: A tango marathon that will take place in the middle of autumn in the SPQR Tango Marathon fall edition. Pleasant weather and fewer clouds make autumn the best time to visit Rome. With an average high temperature of 20°C during the day and 15°C at night, October is the best month to visit museums, gardens, and other popular attractions.SPQR Tango Marathon fall edition lets you enjoy 35 hours of dancing by offering a Hotel + Marathon + Meals solution in just one building.

Winter (December-February)

Fewer events, but indoor festivals provide a cozy escape from the cold. – Lots of specials for Christmas and New Year´s

  • A tango marathon that will take place during winter in Italy is the Teodora Tango Marathon. Ravenna, an inland city connected to the Adriatic Sea by the Candiano Canal, has daytime temperatures of around 11°C in February. 350 Tango dancers will not only enjoy the three-day marathon but also authentic Italian cuisine and beverages.
  • The three-day Bari Capotango marathon will take place in an organization that aims to disseminate the culture of Argentine tango. After Naples, the city of Bari is the foremost economic center of the region because of its access to numerous shipping routes. Capotango Marathon will present the three best TDJs among the best of Apulia. 
  • Brescia, Italy is situated at the foot of the Alps, a few kilometers from the lakes Garda and Iseo. This city is known for the art treasures housed in its numerous churches and medieval museums. The three-day Brescia Tango Marathon, now in its 11th edition, will take place in the middle of February in a historic location in Brescia. The Brescia Tango Marathon started in 2013 and in its 11th year, it will happen in an arts organization in Brescia that is popular with Argentine tango enthusiasts. 

Final thoughts

Since Italy is a vast country with so much diversity and different linguistic, cultural, and economic legacies, it may come as no surprise that the Tango Festival Scene offers a wide range of options. From the historical streets of Rome and Florence to the lively atmosphere of Naples and the scenic beauty of Sicily, there’s a place for every Tango enthusiast. Timing your visit depends on your weather preference and the kind of setting you enjoy.