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August - 2016

Sat 27/8-16 - Mon 29/8-16
Tango Holidays
Tango holidays 23- 29 August in Sitia
a week full of tango, seminars, milongas, beach party, shows, sun and beach to the beautiful Sitia in Crete
contact us for early bird packages
including full pass... >>>

Sat 27/8-16 - Sun 28/8-16
Playa Tango Festival
The best tango party this summer

Sat 27/8-16 - Sun 28/8-16
August 25-28, 2016

Featured Couples:
Carlitos Espinoza y Noelia Hurtado
'Joe' Corbata & Lucila Cionci

Beginners Classes:
Luciano Brigante & Alexandra Orozco

For 4 Days & 4 Nights TTX brings together the... >>>

Sat 27/8-16 - Thu 15/9-16
Vacaciones de Tango - Tango hollidays
La vacaciones ideales para los amantes del Tango: talleres de tango, milongas, visitas turisticas y playa.... en PERBES - GALICIA - ESPAÑA

The ideal holidays for lovers of Tango: Tango workshops, milongas, sightseeing tour and beach .... in PERBES - Galicia - SPAIN

Sat 27/8-16
PUGLIA - 14th Tangostuni in Hotels on the sea - 20th-27th august
THIS YEAR 2 WEEK: "CHOOSE YOUR WEK" 20th august - 27th august and 27th august-3th september
"7 days of tango, 7 nights of milongas''
- in Puglia (Apulia)
- Hotels**** on the sea
lessons of one hour and half((for each course level: beginners / intermediate / advanced).
- Milongas aslo in a range of different Towns and Places(with our BusTango).
- Guided excursion to the Trulli (Alberobelllo,... >>>

Sat's 27/8-16 - 3/9-16
PUGLIA - 14th Tangostuni. Hotels on the sea - Special Edition 27th aug-3th sept
THIS YEAR 2 WEEK: "CHOOSE YOUR WEK" 27th august-3th september and 20th august-27th august
"7 days of tango, 7 nights of milongas''
- in Puglia (Apulia)
- Hotels**** on the sea
lessons of one hour and half((for each course level: beginners / intermediate / advanced).
- Milongas aslo in a range of different Towns and Places(with our BusTango).
- Guided excursion to the Trulli (Alberobelllo,... >>>

Sat 27/8-16 - Sun 28/8-16
This stay is in the paradisiacal island of Porquerolles, we propose 1 night from Saturday to Sunday full board (2 meals + 1 breakfasts) in rooms for 2 persons + boat crossing + 2 tango lessons (1 Saturday & 1 Sunday ) + 2 tango trainings + 1 tango ball (milonga) + Denise and Thierry Guardiola tango show

Mon 29/8-16
TaRAnTanGO !!!! It is a meeting, a festival, a summer camp, a holiday, a marathon, a Tango trip, a Tango Full Immersion, the time for a group of friends who meet together... all in one place ... for three unforgettable weeks in one of the most beautiful spot in Italy seaside, Salento !


September - 2016

Thu 1/9-16 - Sun 4/9-16
A los Amigos 4
A Festival made by and dedicated to FRIENDS!
Rethymno/Crete 2-4 September 2016

Mariano CHICHO Frumboli & JUANA Sepulveda
RUI... >>>

Thu 1/9-16 - Sun 4/9-16
1 - 4 September 2016
Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Costa Brava, Girona, Spain

Tango, sea and a lot of fun to say goodbye to summer. Casual afternoon milongas in front of the sea and elegant night milongas in an amazing venue. Come to dance to the rhythm of 4 excellent international tango DJ´s and to enjoy, with great beach excursion and "asado" included, one of the most charming places of the Costa Brava!

Thu 1/9-16 - Sun 4/9-16
Tango, pasión sin fronteras...
1, 2, 3, 4 September 2016

In the magical city of Trieste, situated on the Italian coast of the Adriatic Sea, the International Trieste Tango Festival is back... >>>

Fri 2/9-16 - Sun 4/9-16
United Kingdom
A full weekend of dancing in a delightful hall in Eton, with lots of nice bars, restaurants and riverside walks close by. Enjoy some of the best tango music and dancing in a gorgeous venue for 3 days. There are 2 afternoon milongas and 3 evening milongas, and a team of carefully selected DJs will play the best ‘Golden Age’ tango music.
The best traditional tango, vals and milonga in tandas with cortinas
Considerate... >>>

Mon 5/9-16 - Sun 11/9-16

Tangueras y Tangueros,

Join us in our new journey in Tango!
In dance, like in life, … it doesn’t matter where you start,
or where you... >>>

Thu 8/9-16 - Sun 11/9-16
Bregenz is gearing up for 4 days of shows, seminars, milongas, afternoon milongas, tango with inclusion of people with disabilities, djs, live music and concerts.

Once again, hundreds of tangueros from varied parts of the world will arrive at Bregenz to embrace tango in an event which will present “Tango en Punta IN Concert”, a show to see, laugh, be moved, surprised and to acquire a sounder knowledge of our festival’s soul.

Fri 9/9-16
From 09.-11.09.2016 we will celebrate the 2nd Margarita Tango Festival in the "Stadthalle Fürth" in Baviera/Germany - join us!!!

Fri 9/9-16 - Mon 12/9-16
Dear Friends!
On September 9-12 warm Minsk is inviting you
to «MINSK TANGO FUSION» Marathon again!

As last year, we’ll do our best to create cosy, kind and joyful atmosphere for you - with the help of music, dancing, communication with old and new friends, warm embraces and everything... >>>

Thu 15/9-16
Montreal loves Tango
A beautiful time of the year to visit Canada (autumn) with world class stars. This festival is at its 2nd edition with a huge success last year. The event happens in one of the trendiest areas of the city full of great restaurants and great bars and cafes. Worth your trip to come and discover the Montreal hospitality!

Fri 16/9-16 - Mon 19/9-16
Welcome to the beautiful Lavaux region of Switzerland, for a great tango event. Splendid floor, great sound system, excellent DJ’s, delicious regional food... >>>

Fri 16/9-16 - Sun 18/9-16
World of Tango Festival is an international culture festival that takes place in the city of Tampere, Finland.

The Tenth Anniversary Festival in September 2016.... >>>

Fri 16/9-16, Sun 18/9-16
Due to popular demand, after the success of 2014, "Essential Tango X 2" comes back to Borghetto in September 2016 in a completely new version that will amaze you for its international artists and guests who will make you dance non-stop with freshness and joy.

From September 16 to 18 at... >>>

Thu 22/9-16, Sun 25/9-16
Tango on Ice is a small, cosy and very friendly festival held in Reykjavik, Iceland every autumn. The venue is an old and beautiful theater, Iðnó, located in the center of town. There are workshops as well as day and evening milongas. Maja Petrović og Marko Miljević from Croatia and Hany Hadya and Bryndis Halldorsdottir are the festival teachers this year. The festival DJ's are Michael Lavoach and Jens-Ingo Brodesser. For more information see:

Fri 23/9-16 - Sun 25/9-16
TESOROMÍO TANGO WEEKEND KYIV 23-24-25 September 2016
Dear tango friends!
We welcome you to enjoy 3 days of tango at the fantastic place on the Dnipro river in the historical heart of Kyiv


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