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December - 2016

Fri 9/12-16 - Sun 11/12-16
FESTIVAL BRAVO 2016 - 7th-11th December - GENOA (Italy)
Note: every information are on Facebook event:
REGISTRATION on the web site

A few words about the last edition .. incredible!... >>>

Fri 9/12-16 - Sun 11/12-16
United Kingdom
Tango Feast is a unique event, like in a marathon, you are able dance un-interrupted through the whole day, and or also, if you wish, you can take some workshops in the next door... >>>

Fri 9/12-16, Mon 12/12-16
El Abrazo de Riga * La Navidad 2016 * Festivalito de Tango
EL ABRAZO DE RIGA * LA NAVIDAD 2016 * Festivalito de Tango
Riga, Latvia
December 9-11, 2016

Dear tango friends! - Save the dates and mark Your calendar!

Traditionally, approaching the end of Year, - this year in pre-Christmas time and... >>>

Fri 9/12-16 - Sun 11/12-16
3rd TangoAires Festival - Matias Batista & Silvana Prieto
The Tango Aires team of FEX, for third year organizes the 3rd "TangoAires Festival" with Argentinian Tango Seminars &... >>>

Fri 16/12-16 - Sun 18/12-16
Denise is Argentina and French Thierry is French, together we offer a friendly weekend of dance for two where you can choose to improve yourself in Argentine Tango and/or Kizomba (Angolan Tango) ..
Located in Auzet (1200 meters), in the heart of Haute Provence Geopark, the 'Fontaine de l'ours' is all a public reception center.
The restoration is organic and locally made on site (a real treat). La Fontaine de l'Ours has a CED label (Citizenship, Environment and Sustainable Development).
Accommodation is in a double room and the center has a beautiful ballroom with wood flooring!
we offer 2 nights from Friday 16 to Sunday, December 18, 2016 full board (4 meals and 2... >>>

Tue 27/12-16 - Sun 1/1-17
Sultans Tango Marathon & Festival
For more details (
For the 3rd time, we will have Sultanic Moments, in magnifiecient Istanbul with hundreds of Tango lovers coming from all over the word. This beautiful gathering will take place in the magical time just after Christmas and during New Years Eve.

Why don't we put the differences aside and enjoy... >>>

Tue 27/12-16 - Fri 30/12-16
United Kingdom
A special extended tango event at Christmas time, with fantastic tango music and dancing in a gorgeous venue. There’s 4 afternoon milongas and 4 evening milongas, and a team of great DJs playing the best ‘Golden Age’ tango music.
Pick & choose the milongas…
No need to reserve your places…
No need to pay in advance…
No need to book with a dance partner…
Just pay when you arrive!

Tue 27/12-16 - Sun 1/1-17
The hottest tango retreat in the winter, 27 Dec 2016 – 1 Jan 2017
Austerlitz, near Utrecht (NL)

Our camp theme is: P U R E! – purity leads to freedom and freedom leads to happiness

PLUS: a... >>>

Tue 27/12-16
Murat Erdemsel's Tango Seminar: From Technique to Art

Prior to the Taboe Tango Camp, this Advanced Seminar is a special opportunity for dancers who

From Technique To Art - with Relaxing Posture, Loving Embrace and Comforting Musicality

Murat will touch and... >>>

Thu 29/12-16, Sun 1/1-17
New Year Tango Meeting in Tenerife (Dec 29. 2016 – Jan 1. 2017)

You can look forward to:
* Beautiful traditional music
* Gender balance
* Respect for other dancers
* A polite and flowing dance... >>>

Fri 30/12-16 - Sat 31/12-16
milonga "C'e tango.. al majestic" / NAPOLI / live music/ SOLO TANGO ORQUESTA
Milonga C'e Majestic presents "Solo Tango Orquesta"

A storm of tango it's coming from Russia to the great wooden floor of the Majestic Club in Naples!
Four... >>>

Sat 31/12-16 - Sun 1/1-17
La Fonderia - Tango New Year's Eve 2017
La Fonderia reopens for all of us in the New Year's Eve night!
This event is accessible only by registration and for a limited... >>>


January - 2017

Sun 1/1-17 - Sun 8/1-17
Moscow Tango Holidays
We will be happy to share the joys of the Russian winter tango with many friends from all over the world.


* the great hot DJ TEAM
* the best Tango... >>>

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