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September - 2015

Fri 4/9-15 - Sun 6/9-15
Tango-Festival / Tango-Marathon


TaRAnTanGO !!!! It is a meeting, a festival, a summer camp, a holiday, a marathon, a Tango trip, a Tango Full Immersion, the time for a group of friends who meet together... all in one place ... for three unforgettable weeks in one of the most beautiful spot in Italy seaside, Salento !

Fri 4/9-15 - Sun 6/9-15
Stage Tango returns to the dance floor

the rebirth of Tango Argentino started in the 80th with the overwhelming success of the great shows. Back then the best dancers of Buenos Aires entered the state to present their Tango to the world. Now we finish the circle and invite leading artists of stage tango to share their experience.

All invited teachers are not only world-class dancers of Tango de Escenario but also masters of social tango with deep knowledge of technique, structure, history and customization of dancing in classical milongas.

This... >>>

Fri 4/9-15, Sun 6/9-15
A los Amigos vol.3
Welcome to the 3rd edition of A LOS AMIGOS Tango Festival.
RETHYMNO (CRETE) 4-6 September 2015

September is an ideal time to visit Greece. Join us for a unique experience that combines great maestros and great dancing in... >>>

Tue's 8/9-15 - 8/12-15
United States
Imagine 15 Tangomasters Argentine tango classes for the price of 10! Starting September 1, you can take the following 3 five-week foundational class series back-to-back for 30% off:

Basic Principles of Argentine Tango
Musical Movement I for Argentine Tango
Musical Movement II for Argentine Tango

Total cost is $160 for 15 weeks. To take advantage of this deal, see and use the adjacent groupon.

to read more about each class series:... >>>

Thu 10/9-15 - Sun 13/9-15
Tango en Punta is the only international tango festival with inclusion of people with disabilities. It is celebrated twice a year in two different landscapes: Punta del Este and Bregenz. Our festival is the culmination of Asociación Tinkers' activities carried out throughout the year with "Embracing Tango", a platform to inclusion and tango.
Milongas/Live Music/Classes/ Seminars/ Concert

Thu 10/9-15 - Sun 13/9-15
United States
Our 10th Anniversary! 4 enchanting days of tango: dancing, classes, practicas, milongas, live music with Orquesta Sin Trabajo, DJ's Ilene Marder & Judith Schwartz, maestros: Fabian & Roxana Belmonte, Gustavo Benzecry-Saba & Maria Olivera, George & Jairelbhi Furlong, Ariel Barrionuevo & Lorena Gassi, Christy Cote, Mary Ellen Peterson, wine dinners with performances, good company with dancers from Boston, Montreal, New York and around the world...

Fri 11/9-15 - Sun 13/9-15
Holland Tango Festival is a new festival in Holland where it is all about Buenos Aires. Dancing tango, Live music, workshops by international teachers, great mediterranean food, milongas, Tangoshows and much more. All in amazing historical rooms with wooden floors in Rotterdam and The Hague. So don't be shy and come to pay us a visit in Holland!

Thu 17/9-15 - Sun 27/9-15
Barcelona celebrates its most traditional festivity, the city's patron saint, La Mercè, which turns this beautiful city into a great showcase for music, street art, circus and dance, opening doors and fireworks, everything for free, from Friday, September 18th to Thursday, September 24th. It's the best time to enjoy the city!

Dance in the distinguished atmosphere of Station venue and enjoy their light... >>>

Fri 18/9-15 - Sun 20/9-15
Three thrilling days of tango, with milonga’s on five locations, four DJs, live music from Kay Sleking and performances and workshops from Pablo & Sofia on our Tango Festival Groningen.

Fri 18/9-15 - Sun 20/9-15
World of Tango Festival is an international culture festival that takes place in the city of Tampere in Finland. The festival is held every year in September.

Concert and DJ milongas during September 17th-20th 2015
Dance courses during September 18th-20th

Maestros: Moira Castellano... >>>

Fri 18/9-15 - Sat 19/9-15
Friday 18 & Saturday 19 of September 2015
This stay is in the paradise island of Porquerolles, we offer the Friday night full board (2 meals Friday & Saturday lunch + 1 breakfast) + boat crossing + 3h course tango (1:30 Friday afternoon, 1:30 Saturday morning or afternoon) + tango night (milonga) + Denise and Thierry Guardiola tango show

Fri 18/9-15 - Sun 20/9-15
Dear Friends!
We’ve been dreaming to invite you to a warm Minsk for a long time!
And now we have a perfect occasion – the first Minsk marathon «Minsk Tango Fusion 2015».
From 18th till... >>>

Thu 24/9-15 - Sun 27/9-15
The biggest Tango Salon Festival in Europe. 5* edition.

Fri 25/9-15 - Sun 27/9-15
Right after the local festivity of Barcelona "La merce", we design a full tango weekend .

Two days in the station barcelona's venue .

We will return to the Station venue and we want to do the best for you.

Sexteto Guardiola will perform two live concerts friday and saturday in Milonga Station Barcelona

The "musicalizador"... >>>

Wed 30/9-15 - Sat 3/10-15
Tango in front of the sea in Barcelona!!

Wednesday and Thuersday from 10am to 10pm. Friday and Saturday from 10am to 2am
Tango Workshops/Workshops of Improvisation and Movement/Private Lessons/Tango-Laboratory/Beginners Classes
Friday and... >>>


October - 2015

Thu 1/10-15 - Sun 4/10-15
when time disappears in an unlimited space and deep connectedness

During the TaoTango retreat we use the ancient Taoist wisdom of natural flow and... >>>

Thu 1/10-15 - Mon 5/10-15
ISTANBUL-EXPRESS will present a nice blend of TANGO that we all love with all the nostalgic element of Istanbul that people all around the world have been visiting for... >>>

Fri 2/10-15 - Sun 4/10-15
United States
6th Annual Boulder Tango Festival

Hosted by Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne

3 days of outstanding fun with the world renown performers/teachers:

Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli &... >>>

Fri 2/10-15 - Sun 4/10-15
United States
Tulsa will once again be honored to learn from Homer & Cristina Ladas! This event will be filled with over 18 hours of dancing over 3 days. A masquerade milonga at the notorious downtown art deco Mayo Hotel and studio time at brand new... >>>

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