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October - 2014

Fri 24/10-14 - Sun 26/10-14
United States
October 22-26 2014

This 4 day event will be held in the beautiful and charming city of Old San Juan within walking distance of hotels,... >>>

Fri 24/10-14 - Sun 26/10-14
While is winter time in Europe, in Reunion Island is always SUMMER !
LEU TANGO WEEK / Reunion ISLAND from october 20th to 26th 2014
Need a break from the winter ?
The first tango week in Reunion Island !
With Argentines Maestros... >>>

Fri 24/10-14 - Sun 2/11-14

7ta edicion of ARTETANGO FESTIVAL : 3 CONCERTS - 4 MILONGAS - 4 PRACTICAS - 5 Films or documentary - Exhibicions - ADVANCED SEMINARY - workshops of dance and music every levels - EXPOSITION

with LA JUAN... >>>

Fri 24/10-14 - Sun 26/10-14
United States
Welcome! This is the 10th Annual Tangosutra Festival in Washington DC and we hope you will be able to attend. The weekend focuses on creating an atmosphere for the magic of social dancing with great music, therefore there are no dance performances, announcements or distractions to inhibit that aim. With several opportunities to socialize over the course of the weekend, we encourage people to see old friends and, just as important, make new friends!

Fri 24/10-14 - Sun 26/10-14
Tangofest Bielefeld 2014
24th to 26th october 2014

Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella as teacher and for the show on saturday evening.
In the workshops are some spaces left.

Tango... >>>

Fri 24/10-14
Festival de Las Estrellas
24-26 october 2014
in Salsomaggiore Terme Italy
2°edition with:
Miguel Angel Zotto-Daiana Guspero
Roberto... >>>

Sat 25/10-14 - Sun 26/10-14
Dear Tango Lovers,
We would like to invite you to the Broad-Spectrum Tango Workshop with Aydın and Pelin on 25&26th October.

Terms and Conditions:
Date: 25 & 26th October 2014
Location: Tangoist Dance studio – Taksim... >>>

Thu 30/10-14
Harmony and peace are certainly the ideal conditions to study the Tango ... but they are also to regain your energy after weeks of hard work. Arrived at the 5th edition of the TimeforTango Festival, we think to have found in the Baths of Dobrna, Slovenia, the ideal setting for both outcomes; baths, saunas, massages and a bathrobe to reach all this just a few steps from the room, they will certainly help us to get the most from the lessons held by 6 great international couples: NERI LUCIANO PILIU & YANINA QUIÑONES, MATTEO PANERO & PATRICIA HILLIGES, MARCO PALLADINO & DANIELA TABAI, JUAN... >>>

Thu 30/10-14 - Tue 4/11-14
That's a BIG BIG tango Weekend in Moscow! We have official holidays in Russia from October 31st and to November 4th! For these dates we have prepared for you best team for tango masters and DJs

Fri 31/10-14, Sun 2/11-14
Milonguero Milonguero
Próximamente , se viene el :
1º Encuentro Internacional : Milonguero-Milonguero . Encuentro exclusivo de códigos milongueros en España
Fecha: Puente de Noviembre , 31 de Octubre , 1 y 2 de Noviembre
Pista de baile : 800 m2 de pista de madera sin pilares. Sonido envolvente espectacular.... >>>

Fri 31/10-14, Sun 2/11-14
The year 2014 will be the highlight for the Argentine Tango scene. The beautiful island of Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite the goddess of love, will play host to the Annual Tango Meeting this October. The Cyprus Tango Meeting is a 3 day celebration of the Argentine Tango where guests have the opportunity to learn during workshops, dance and socialize in Milongas, watch breathtaking performances, meet renowned maestros, while of course enjoying the sunny beaches of the Cape Greco.

For the first time in... >>>

Fri 31/10-14 - Sun 2/11-14
Siamo alla 4° edizione del classico appuntamento di fine ottobre...

quest'anno nella splendida cornice di SANTA MARGHERITA LIGURE con splendida vista sul Golfo dei Poeti....


* 5... >>>

Fri 31/10-14 - Sun 2/11-14
We're ready for the fourth edition of the Halloween Tango festival....
This year it will be held in Santa Margherita Ligure: in a new, wonderful location a few kilometres from Portofino, near the famous Gulf of... >>>


November - 2014

Wed 5/11-14 - Sun 9/11-14
Istanbul Tango RITUAL | The 9th
Istanbul Tango RITUAL | The 9th

Thu 6/11-14, Sun 9/11-14
4° Bari Tango Congress
Bari(Puglia)Italy 6 - 9 November 2014

A very great kermesse with 3 most great and most famous couples of best famous dancers and teachers.
3 Days of... >>>

Thu 6/11-14 - Mon 10/11-14

Thu 13/11-14 - Sun 16/11-14
International " TangoBale " Basel Festivalito
The best of Tango Orquestas, Maestros,Djes, Concerts,Milongas,after party, all in one in Basel...

Fri 14/11-14 - Sun 16/11-14
Welcome to a great festival in Autumn
which takes place in the famous Kurhaus of Baden-Baden

Thu 20/11-14 - Mon 24/11-14
Five days full of Tango in Rosario city!!
Tango workshops/Contact Improvisation/Laboratory of dance and music/Beginners Classes/Private lessons/Practices/Milongas with live music


Thu 20/11-14 - Sun 23/11-14
Toronto Tango 8 Festival (20 - 23 November, 2014) features the world's top Tango Maestros and artists for a weekend of intensive workshops, milongas and shows. in heart of downtown Toronto,... >>>

Thu 20/11-14 - Sun 23/11-14
9th Ljubljana International Tango Festival
November 20 - 23, 2014


>> Registrations start: September 30,... >>>

Fri 21/11-14 - Sun 23/11-14
50 Stunden tanzen & boseln in einem 200m² Saal im Charme der 70er Jahre auf einem Weinberg in Meißen bei Dresden in herrlicher Umgebung mit Schlafmöglichkeiten in Zimmern oder im Schlafsaal.
5 DJ-Etappen + 2 x long-play-Brunch + 2 x Bodyworking zum Munterwerden + 3 x Laboratorium mit Jelena Ivanovic (Essen)und die historische Samstagnacht mit DuoTONO, ein wunderbarer Musik von Schellackplatte.

Fri 21/11-14 - Sun 23/11-14
A long Tango weekend of Tango with guests from Istanbul: Murat Elmadagli & Nadide Ece who will be teaching, DJing & performing.
Low price packages starting at €130 including 3 nights hotel 4* + 3 Milongas

DJs: Murat Elmadagli - Istanbul
George Samaha -... >>>

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